The Experience

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” -John Muir

The Healing Art of walking

The team has personally experienced the transformative power that walking in the wild can have. It‘s potential for self-discovery, insight and healing have been well-documented (yet never exhausted) and can be traced back to the ancients. In modern times however, it’s a practice that often goes unrecognized and unappreciated. Walking in the wild is indeed a skill, however it requires only an enthusiasm for the outdoors and a willingness to learn.

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Food as Medicine

All your meals will be provided and will be plant-based, gluten-free (two members on our team are allergic to gluten) and nutrition-complete.

Experiencing what a healthy diet feels like for a sustained period of time can be incredibly fruitful (see what we did there?). We also believe that backpacking is no excuse for not eating delicious food. Did we mention we’re bringing along a French chef?

You are invited to bring along any snacks you like. If you have any food sensitivities please let us know so we can discuss them with you during the application process.


Push boundaries

A raw experience that will expand your comfort zone and push the boundaries of what you think you’re capable of. Through the majestic beauty of the Yosemite wilderness you’ll open up new possibilities to disconnect from the world and re-connect with your true nature.


Mindfulness & Awareness Practices

All of your team members have been greatly influenced by meditation, yoga, mindfulness and awareness traditions and practices. We even have a couple teachers! Lou and Kelly are both trained yoga teachers and Lou also teaches mindfulness and meditation. During the retreat we’ll introduce you to practices that have helped us cultivate self-awareness, empathy and gratitude in our daily life.


UNPLUG & Reconnect

Taking an extended break from our busy (and if you’re like us, often chaotic!) lives creates space for us to reconnect with what’s important. Distance provides perspective. Time away and out of reach allows us to explore new frontiers, confront challenges and discover new possibilities. We return to our daily lives rejuvenated, ready to engage the world in more intentional and meaningful ways.

Once we are underway, we will ask you to turn off and put away all electronics and gadgets other than for emergency calls. Reading (preferably without a screen), talking to your companions, quiet reflection and reverie in nature are all encouraged!


Companionship for the Curious

We all have our own, unique paths to walk but we don't have to walk them alone. Eating and walking together with a shared goal can spark rewarding relationships. In dialogue with friends and teachers new vistas open up, hence-unimagined possibilities present themselves and greater potentials are realized. In addition, our team is trained in facilitating thoughtful discussions that foster perspective-sharing and meaningful exchanges.

While much of our journey will be undertaken as one, we will also split up from time to time into smaller groups to encourage deep conversation and connection. During the backpacking period of our trip (5 days) men and women will hike separately and reunite for meals and occasional group discussions. The trip will also allow plenty of opportunity for individual exploration and solitude.